20 Years of X Files

So here is the deal, as my bff told me yesterday, there is an X Files mood in the air these days, and I think that it is because this is the year of the X Files 20th Anniversary, which we celebrated with the international fandom, on September 10th. But it hasn’t quite faded off  just yet. So, this ambient kind of inspired me to do the thing I love the most, after reading, which is writing.


I haven’t done my phile writing in such a long time and I need to rise to the occasion. So, its time for the 20th Anniversary recap.


This 2013 has been a year of great Comic Cons, new releases, as The X Files Season 10 and The X Files Volume Two, phile campaigns and lots of phile fun.


Who would have thought, 20 years ago, when the pilot first aired, that this was going to be the outcome of it all? That a new species would be created and a new terminology would be invented just for us, we are not geeks, we are not nerds, we are PHILES!!! And damn proud of it!!!


There are probably thousands of fan communities now a days, every time a new book is released or a movie comes out, a new fandom is automatically born. Tributes, nephilim, submissives, you name it. But you know what, we are the most hardworking and dedicated fandom EVER.  Not only we haven’t stop in 20 years, but also, we started from scratch, in every single one of our countries we had to start from scratch, we didn’t just happen to walk in, into a fandom. We have all created this community, all over the world and we work for it, every day.


Chris Carter created this amazing phenomenon 20 years ago, David and Gillian brought it to life for 9 years and WE turned it into a legend!



We are most satisfied with the involvement that we have had in the international community for this past three years. It has been even more rewarding than the whole 5 years that we tried to pursuit in our own country. So we are convinced now that this is how it’s meant to be.