The X Files Comics

So, as part of the 20th Anniversary, 2013 gave us a new comic book series!!


There has been previous X Files Comics, like de original series from the 90s and the episode adaptations. Then the TV Show ended and with the second movie (IWTB) came a new series of comics in 2008, which I think were supposed to be set between de 4th and 5th season , but I am not sure about this. That series was pretty cool, because it really had the scent of the TV Show’s episodes, with story lines about demonic possession, government conspiracies, Chinese mysticism and underground creatures. After that, came 30 days of Night, which was like a really cool long episode about vampires in Alaska.

But not of that compares to The X Files Season 10 comic book series. I think it is because it really feels like season 10 of the show, which most of us didn’t think it would ever happen and it really starts right where “I want to Believe” ended. Besides it is been written by a true X Files fan (Joe Harris), so he knows what we like. Chris Carter is also been a part as an executive producer, so the story line remains faithful to the mythology of the TV Show. Michael Wash is in charge of the inside drawings but the covers are by Carlos Valenzuela who, I think, is doing an impressive job.


The series was released on June 19th, on the 15th anniversary of “Fight the Future”. Until today it has only been released the “Believers” arc, which was composed by 5 issues and ended on October.


“Believers” shows the life of Mulder and Scully, after the movie I Want to Believe, as the Blake’s. Mulder is writing his memoirs, as Scully suggested, and Scully is practicing medicine. Skinner is now a Deputy Director for the FBI and comes to Mulder and Scully to tell them about a security breach and the FBI’s network and that information about William, Mulder and Scully, had been compromised. Soon after that Scully is kidnapped by a group hybrids called de Acolytes.


Meanwhile, Aggent Doggett investigates a threat to an oil pipeline, that turns out to be filled with magnetite. Doggett then, goes missing.


Mulder encounters the Lone Gunmen, at Arlington National Cemetery, where they are supposed to be buried. They fake their death and the FBI helped them hide, in exchange for their work. They are now helping Mulder to find Scully, who is being used by the Acolytes to find William.


Reyes, on the other hand, goes to check on William and his adoptive parents, the Van De Kamp’s, but she can’t find either of them, just more Acolytes, who attacked her, and now she is missing too.


At Arlington National Cemetery, Mulder is contacted by CSM, who warns him about the Acolytes and also gives him a stiletto pick.


Mulder eventually finds Scully, but the Acolytes tell them that they will keep looking for William.


The ending of this series is a huge reminiscent of Fight the Future, with the space ship and the board review.


And finally, the whole series “Believers” ends with Mulder and Scully becoming agents with the FBI again!!!



Now there is nothing left, but to wait for the next series, “Hosts”, which comes out mid November, I think.