The X Files are back!

So The X Files are officially back! On January 24th, 2016, FOX will be premiering a 6 episode event, which is being called “The X Files Revival”.

What we know for sure is that Mulder and Scully are back and they will be working paranormal cases together. Skinner and CSM will be there and probably Dogget, Reyes and The Lone Gunmen, too.

In the trailer we see Mulder coming out of, what it looks like his IWTB home, which he does not appear to be sharing with Scully anymore. We also see him in his old office, with the pencils on the ceiling and the “I Want To Believe” poster on the floor.


In the meantime, x philes around the world are re watching the complete series, starting exactly 201 days before the premiere, 1 episode per day. Right now were about mid-5th season. So if you want to join the re watch fun, you can use the following hashtags ‪#‎TheXFilesRevival